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Which Is the Best Type of Rangefinder for Improving Your Golf Game

07 Apr Posted in Social Media

Since it has great relaxing properties, golf is one of the most popular sports that people opt for. However, when you can’t save a few shots and when it seems impossible to lower your scores, you can get a little frustrated, as your self-confidence might begin to vanish. According to most websites that provide free golf tips, golf gadgets, rangefinders in particular can be very useful in helping you improve your skills. Therefore, you should focus on finding a reliable golf gadget that can help you develop great playing skills and improve your game. Still, what type of golf rangefinder is more suited for helping you out?


GPS golf rangefinders are more user friendly than laser units because they can provide you with updated and consistent data immediately. After downloading the coordinate file for a golf course, you will be able to obtain an accurate reading, and get all the data that you need to improve your game. However, laser rangefinders can offer you great advantages, too.

Which Is the Best Type of Rangefinder for Improving Your Golf Game Picture Which Is the Best Type of Rangefinder for Improving Your Golf Game Picture

GPS vs. laser rangefinders

One of the reasons why golf players prefer to use a GPS rangefinder is that you can get an overall image of every hole, and you can observe all the locations to hit your layup short of the green. There are certain devices that include color displays for offering you the distance to any point on the hole. Therefore, you can get measurements to the middle, front and back of the green. The only disappointment in these units is that certain companies require a yearly fee for downloading maps. Therefore, some people prefer laser rangefinders, which only need to be aimed to a certain target to get a good reading. With laser rangefinders, you don’t have to download any map in advance, as all you have to do is take the rangefinder to the course, and you can calculate the distance to any targeted object. According to the online magazines that offer free golf tips, laser rangefinders are also faster and more accurate than the GPS models. Moreover, some models like the golf rangefinder Bushnell G-Force DX come with special features like the first target priority.

What about watch rangefinders and phone applications?

Watch rangefinders are easier to handle than other devices, because they are more comfortable to wear, and they come with the same properties like traditional rangefinders. Still, they can offer more difficult-to-read information, as their display is not as big as the display of regular golf rangefinders. As for phone applications, they can be very useful in case that you forget your main rangefinder at home. However, in case that you run out of battery, they won’t represent a reliable solution for improving your skills anymore. Moreover, a an app will never be as accurate as the the golf rangefinder Bushnell G-Force DX or any other competitive rangefinder. Therefore, you won’t longer be able to obtain accurate measurements, and you won’t have the possibility to use a magnification feature, either.