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Why you should attend the annual meeting of freight forwarding companies

23 Mar Posted in Social Media

In terms of cargo transportation, the international market is dominated by multinational companies, and that makes it hard for independent agents to close a good deal. To this purpose, there are many freight alliances which have become popular in the past years, aiming to become a strong competition for the multinationals, by building a reputable brand in the market. As a freight alliance, in order to attract agents from all over the globe and become a worldwide logistics network, there are certain benefits one should obtain, once they become a member. For this reason, the alliances have to provide their members with various development opportunities, and give them access to as many clients as possible. In return, agents must offer professional and trustworthy services, and enable the alliance to create a strong brand and be recognized as a top provider of cargo transportation. However, members also have to make some effort and respect a series of terms and conditions, as soon as they become part of the forwarding network, in order to prove commitment and have mutual involvement in the collaboration.

Why you should attend the annual meeting of freight forwarding companies.jpg

One of the conditions stated in the initial contract stipulates that every member should attend a series of specialized events, such as the annual meeting of the cargo network. This is a conference organized each year by an international alliance, in order to bring together all the members, and give them the opportunity to socialize, start collaborating and support each other. The most important purpose of these types of event is to encourage mutual respect and cooperation, for the best results. The top global transporting agents are present there, and they try to foster their business relationships, through personal conversations with the other participants. Generally, the event has some activities scheduled, and the agenda is made public in advance, so that each attendant knows what to expect from each session and part of the planning. Many partnerships are created, and the mutual collaboration represents a main value in this type of business. Agents from all over the world can interact and find out more about other types of associations, and most of the time, they even find answers to their questions. For example, if a new agent which lacks experience in the field has some issues with its company or employers, they can always discuss this matter with more experienced agents, and hear about good case practices or an objective opinion related to their problems. This allows members of the same network to understand each other better, and thus build an environment of trust, beneficial both to the alliance and its clients.

Besides building a friendly environment for all the members of a network, the annual meeting has as a purpose to enable the participants to access the latest news in the industry. Some global meetings also include a cocktail night, during which certain members are rewarded for their performing services, and also individual businesses are delivered international opportunities. Each agent that participates must arrange all the details necessary to attend this conference, including visa, passport, ticket and accommodation booking.